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Sun, 21 Apr


Saint John's Hall

Isle of Man Yew Ceremony

Planting seeds of change

Isle of Man Yew Ceremony
Isle of Man Yew Ceremony

Time & Location

21 Apr 2024, 09:30 – 17:00

Saint John's Hall, St John's, Isle of Man IM4, Isle of Man

The Essence

On 21st April 2024 there will be a once in lifetime astrological alignment that can potentially bring huge and quick change at the physical level, it is the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at 21 degrees of Taurus. These two outer planets meet every 12 years but we will only see them meet once in our life time in Taurus, the most physical and earthly sign of the zodiac. This is a rare opportunity to work with this energy to bring change to the earth, to our inner world and therefore our lives.

We are living under tyrannical governance in the British Isles, with corruption being exposed in every direction and further centralised digital control mechanisms looming. We have a dog-king who works for the World Economic Forum, an unelected body of globalists who are trying to bring in Agenda 2030 through hoaxes such as climate change and health crises. We have a prime minister who enacts new laws for personal gain and works with the WHO and other unelected NGOs to bring in more restrictions on personal sovereignty. The so-called leaders of our lands have forgotten that they work for the welfare of the people and therefore for the sovereignty of our land.

This astrological alignment is an opportunity to gather together and work with the spirit of the Yew tree to bring the original and powerful forces of honour, respect, unconditional love and peace to our hearts and lands. The yew strips away anything that is out of divine alignment to both the external and inner worlds. It works as a network of communication throughout the isles and holds the portal to the Otherworld where the impulses of healing and life-force come from. We will be working through some shamanic processes to connect to the spirit of the yew and learn how to bring it's vast consciousness into our lives in a practical yet magical way.

You are invited to this ceremony to bring a piece of yew from your corner of the British Isles for the altar and participate in a powerful day of transformation. We are the ones who will birth the new paradigm and so personal as well as collective intentions will be worked with.

The ceremony will take place close to the Tynwald, the ancient legislative centre of the Isle of Man, where new laws have been announced since the Viking days. The Isle of Man sits at the energetic centre of the British Isles and is not ruled by the monarchy, having a level of autonomy from the ‘United Kingdom’. This is the most appropriate place to send our prayer of freedom into the land and through the network of yews.

Facilitator & Space Holder: Plant spirit healer and Yew Mysteries initiate, Emma Fitchett



Attendance to the ceremony is on a donation basis to help cover costs:

suggested donation £40

Refreshments provided / bring your own lunch.

To apply to attend the ceremony and reserve your place contact

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