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Course Application Form

The School of Natural Esoterics provides psychic and spiritual training for all capacities and levels of experience. We provide in-person and online trainings. In order to assure the suitability of participants for the correct level of course, some courses are application only. Some courses also require certain prior levels of proficiency in areas of development, skill and understanding. Because most courses are taught within sacred space, it is essential that facilitators are aware of all energies and states of consciousness present in the circle for the safety and benefit of all participants. It is therefore critical that your medical status is disclosed beforehand if you wish to attend a course, given that some pharmaceuticals create distortions and blocking energies, preventing clarity.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Applicants are requested to submit a completed application form by the deadline stated on the course web page.

Some applications may be followed up with a call or zoom to discuss and / or clarify the application.

Please answer all questions below with honesty and clarity.

Thank you for your application

Emma will respond to you within the next week.

Terms & Conditions of Application

  • Application forms must be completed with honesty and integrity. Dishonesty about one’s level of proficiency and understanding will be noticeable in class and the participant may be asked to leave the course, forfeiting his / her course fees.

  • Applicants must list all pharmaceutical medications currently being taken, including vaccine status. Failure to declare this may result in removal from the course.

  • The School of Natural Esoterics reserves the right to decline an application and its decision is non-negotiable.

  • All attendees to any course at the School of Natural Esoterics agree to and must adhere to the following code of ethics >>>

  • Contents of the application form will remain strictly confidential and will only be used for course application consideration. The School of Natural Esoterics will not share the information with any third party.

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