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School of Natural Esoterics Free Resources

Complimentary Resources


Below are some complimentary videos, podcasts, interviews and links to relevant and associated subject areas for your esoteric and plant consciousness studies.

Spiritual Development Through Plant Spirit Healing

Plant Spirit Healing Conversation - VIDEO

Plant spirits, entities & remembering lost traditions

Psychedelics Today with Emma Farrell - PODCAST

Celtic Plant Spirit Healing Webinar

Celtic Plant Spirit Healing in a Quantum World - PODCAST

Plant Consciousness Bookshop

Relevant Books at Discounted Prices - BOOKS

Being with Plants Blog

Emma Fitchett's Blog - ARTICLES


Vibrational remedies - APOTHECARY / SHOP

Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 15.49.00.jpg

Plant Devas & Landscape Elementals - VIDEO


Rudolph Steiner Archive - LECTURES


Nature Communication with Saskia Von Diest - WEBSITE

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