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​To ensure the highest standard of learning environment, practice and continued personal development all who study, take training or graduate from any course at the School of Natural Esoterics agree to the following code of ethics:

  • To behave at all times with respect for others during any course or retreat, taking into consideration personal space and potentially triggering situations.

  • To keep within strictest confidence any personal information shared within a group setting during a course or retreat and not re-share or repeat the information outside of the course.

  • To treat with upmost compassion any healings taking place as part of any course or retreat, details of which are not to be shared outside of the course or retreat.

  • To not offer healings to others on the course or retreat without permission or guidance by the facilitator of the course.

  • To refrain from offering medical or psychological advice to other students.

  • Students of the School of Natural Esoterics agree to never send healing or perform any form of energetic therapy without the explicit permission of the client or person who is the focus of intent.

  • All course participants take full responsibility for their actions and the results of them when employing techniques and methodologies taught at the School.

  • Not to share the contents of courses and retreats at the School of Natural Esoterics with anyone unless within a safely held and appropriately receptive environment.

  • Healing modalities and techniques taught at the School of Natural Esoterics are complimentary to mainstream medical treatment and should not be used in place of official medical diagnosis or treatment.

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