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4 Week Online Course & Plant Spirit Initiation
Facilitators:  Embodiment Coach
, Donna Mariella
& Plant Spirit Healer, Emma Fitchett MSc


Wednesday & Thursday each week starting 3rd April. 7.00pm BST

Relationship with the other forms the basis for all life experience, whether that ‘other’ is the anima of the male or the animus of the female, nature continually asks us to find balance within polarities. At a time when both Saturn and Neptune are in Pisces and the structures of our known world dissolve insecurities can emerge from the depths of the psyche as we try to navigate these choppy waters. Life is changing at a rapid rate and the ego tries to grab onto the safe and familiar through projection and negative emotion towards others.

How do we hold our centre and stay true to our essence? How do we know what our personal truth is in a world where illusion and delusion are so prevalent? How can we therefore expect our relating to others to be open, honest and intimate? In all areas of relating there are potential situations where we

self-abandon, where we dissociate from inner truth and move into fear, blind panic, people pleasing and automatic trauma response. It is in these places of a lack of self that we find the beauty of our evolvement into more empowered relating with others and the natural world and it is in this place we can find an ally in underwater plants and particularly, Dulse.

Dulse grows on the liminal boundary between sea and shore, a guardian at the threshold to the lonely deep waters of the subconscious mind. Expressing fractals in its morphology it also connects us to the qualities of both Neptune and the Moon. Embodying the living power of the sea, Dulse not only cleanses but shows us our unique patterns of loneliness which lead to self-abandonment at any area of interaction with others depending on birth trauma, childhood, traumatic relationship experiences and past life bleed throughs. Dulse shows us in a direct way where and how we are willing to give up aspects of our self, willing to sacrifice ourself to avoid the feeling of loneliness or hurt. The spirit of Dulse is an aspect of the divine masculine who gently holds us as we dive into the depths of our relationship traumas and creates the opportunity for healing and rebalance.

In this online plant spirit initiation, Emma will be joined by embodiment coach, Donna Mariella where together they will hold a sacred space for 4 weeks as you are guided through the shamanic initiation and integrate the teachings of Dulse to rebirth yourself into the summer, ready to explore deeper intimacy with the world.


You will also receive:

Pre-course self-preparations for mind and body.
Bottle of Dulse spirit essence.
Weekly practical exercises.
Downloadable recordings of journeys, meditations & exercises.
An online community gathering event on the 14th April.
Copies of each recorded class to replay in your own time.
Q&A at the end of each class to ensure you are maximising the potential of the course.


This course is for all levels of proficiency with plant spirit work.

This course is no longer open for booking

See terms & conditions

Each participant will receive a bottle of Dulse spirit essence in advance of the course. If you do not live in the Uk, please book your place by 20th March to receive your essence in time.

Uk residents need to book their place by March 28th. 

what you receive

10 live instructional & interactive zoom sessions totalling 14 hours

in easy to digest format, each session consisting of teachings, practical exercises and personal coaching.

Lifetime access. You will be sent downloadable copies of each lesson to replay as many times as you want and in your own time.

Question and answer session within each lesson to ensure you understand all teachings and are clear on how to move forwards with the practical exercises.

Weekly downloadable supportive journeys & exercises to facilitate inner work, meditations & plant spirit connection.


Emma Fitchett MSc

Emma is a plant spirit healer, shamanic teacher and author. She has held plant diet retreats and ceremonies in England and Wales since 2016. She holds a Master's Degree in 'The Preservation & Development Of Wisdom Culture & The Art Of Liberation' in the Tibetan Buddhist Mahayana Tradition, writing her thesis on 'Understanding The Nature Of The Self Through Lucid Dreaming'.


She has been initiated into indigenous healing and magical lineages of the British Isles and the Ecuadorian Amazon, is the holder of the White Serpent lineage and is also a Geomancer, Psychic Surgeon and entity removal specialist. Emma is the founder of the School of Natural Esoterics,  the Plant Consciousness Apothecary and runs a Remote Healing Practice.

Donna headshotSML.jpg

Donna Mariella

Donna is a transformational embodiment coach and mentor for leaders, changemakers, and visionaries. Holding a vision for a world where joy, authenticity and purpose intertwine, Donna focuses on bridging the gap between the transcendent and the mundane, helping people bring their true essence and potential into embodied reality.

With diverse experience and training in psychology, shamanism, Buddhist meditation, tantra, and bodywork, Donna is passionate about creating safe spaces where deep intimacy with ourselves, others, and the world around us can truly unfold.

Through her unique approach, founded on the belief in the inherent wisdom and potential within every individual, Donna helps people to access their inner wisdom and unlock transformative change so that they can stand fully alive and empowered in the world.

student & client voices

''I am forever grateful for the transformative journey I embarked upon with Donna. Words cannot fully capture the profound shifts and breakthroughs I experienced as she helped me unearth my own strength, exploring the depths of my emotions and truths and helping me to rediscover the fire within me.''

Sandra Grube

''Emma's work has really helped me to step up in my own development as a healer and deepen my connection with plant spirits.''

Deva Oliver

''When you work with Emma, either in a healing session or at one of her ceremonies, you will come away more whole and inspired to live according to your true essential nature while walking your soul’s path.''

Pam Montgomery

“I am profoundly grateful to Donna for her transformative impact on my life. Her ability to create and hold a safe space allowed me to access uncomfortable aspects of my inner world and libertae them to an increase in power"

Justin Bonnell

Practical Information

The course will be hosted on the Zoom platform. All participants will be sent a zoom link to access each class.

Once the course is purchased, you own it! You will be sent replay videos after each class to re-watch in your own time or if you miss the live class.

Each participant will receive a bottle of Dulse spirit essence in advance of the course. If you do not live in the Uk, please book your place by 20th March to receive your bottle. Uk residents need to book their place by March 28th. 

For any enquiries about this or any other courses please use the Contact Form and we will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

By booking your place on this course you agree to the School of Natural Esoterics terms & conditions and code of ethics.

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