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Foxglove Initiation

Cutting Through Illusions of the Heart

Foxglove Initiation
Foxglove Initiation

Time & Location

16 Jun 2023, 18:00 – 18 Jun 2023, 15:30

Quantock Hills, Taunton TA5

The Course

This course is now fully booked.

A plant initiation or dieta is a period of time dedicated to honouring and being with one particular plant to be initiated into its world, where a bond of communication is formed between the initiate and the plant spirit. This bond is unique to each person and forms the basis upon which healing, wisdom and insights can be received. It is also a process where we are taken out of our comfort zone in order to understand ourselves better and transcend the conditionings of the heart and mind. External and internal reality become one as we expand into deeper relationship with our self and with nature.

The realm of the poisonous plant spirits is direct, powerful and transformational. In this plant dieta we will journey through the Otherworld to retrieve lost soul fragments, learn through direct experience how the heart is the rudder through the spirit realms, find trapped emotions ready to be released  and receive healing teachings with the Elven witch, Foxglove.

According to astrologers, 2023 is the year of transtion with major planets Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all changing signs. This is a preparation year for the big shift in consciousness from 2024-26. We can ride the wave of these changes by aligning our inner work with these forces which are intimately connected with plants. We will also be honouring the summer solstice during the weekend.

Associated with Venus, the water element and also the moon, Foxglove is the gateway into the feminine interiority of our consciousness where we will learn what we are still carrying in our heart towards others and what we need to release in order to expand into deeper levels of love. We will be working with the power of the new moon to allow Foxglove to awaken our personal magic and empower us on a soul and spirit level for the future.

You will also:

 -  Meet a new ally for your spirit team

 - Learn how Foxglove can work in a unique co-creative way with you

 - Discover Foxglove's abilities to move between worlds, close portals and cleanse the energy field


£345 including refreshments. Not including accommodation or meals.

Accommodation is available on-site, details will be sent along with the application form.

This initiation is application only

Limited places

To see the Initiation flyer click here>>>

To apply to attend this initiation email for an application form.

Kindly note, we will not be consuming the physical plant.

For the astro-herbalists:

At the time of the initiation, Venus will be at 9-11 degrees Leo

Sun in Gemini

Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn

Jupiter at 7 degrees Taurus

The new moon will take place at 5.37am on the last day of the initiation.

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