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Fri, 16 Aug


The Quantocks, Somerset

Hazel Initiation

Where inspiration, magic and mythology meet.

Hazel Initiation
Hazel Initiation

Time & Location

16 Aug 2024, 18:00

The Quantocks, Somerset

The Essence

A plant initiation or dieta is a period of time dedicated to honouring and being with one particular plant to be initiated into its world, where a bond of communication is formed between the initiate and the plant spirit. This bond is unique to each person and forms the basis upon which healing, wisdom and insights can be received. It is also a process where we are taken out of our comfort zone in order to understand ourselves better and transcend the conditionings of the heart and mind. External and internal reality become one as we expand into deeper relationship with our self and with nature.

The Hazel tree holds a reverential place in the British Isles sitting at the heart of mythology and magic. According to legend, Hazel grows inside the palace of the Celtic god of poetry, magic and warriorship, Manannan Mac Lir and the nuts of the Hazel are eaten by the wisest of animal spirits, the salmon. Many Celtic deities carry a Hazel wand or rod as symbol of their connection to the higher realms. Known also as Coll it is synonymous with druidic wisdom and the attainment of divine knowledge. 

Associated with Mercury, the air element and also the sun, Hazel has such powerful life-force which traverses worlds it is a highly creative and inspirational tree, offering these gifts to us as we connect with its spirit. A powerful ally for creatives, healers, magic workers and those on the path of self-knowledge, the spirit of Hazel is one of the easiest tree spirits to connect with yet it can offer the most profound initiations, bringing both beginners and advanced shamanic practitioners into a deeper relationship with the healing power of the inner realms of nature.

You will also experience:

  • Plant Spirit Communication
  • How to effectively channel the energy of Hazel.
  • How to work with Hazel in divinatory and healing practices.
  • How to work in co-creation with the spirit of Hazel.
  • To journey safely and effectively into the spirit world.
  • Energetic hygiene and safety.


Practical information

We will be fasting for this initiation and only consuming a Hazel elixir, from Friday lunchtime to Sunday lunchtime. This is advisory but not obligatory.

We will share a nutritious vegan and gluten free meal on Sunday afternoon before you leave.

Refreshing drinks and teas will be provided.

All participants are required to stay on-site for 2 nights for this course. For accommodation information click here.

Book your place

  • Early booking

    Booked before May 14th / Only 3 places available at this rate / Includes meal and refreshments / Does not include accommodation.

    Sold Out
  • Standard

    Limited places available / Includes meal & refreshments / Does not include accommodation.




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