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Thu, 19 Jan


Pepperhill Barn

Navigating The World Of Spirit - Module 1 - Inner & Outer Cosmology

A 3 Module Course for Psychic and Spiritual Development

Navigating The World Of Spirit - Module 1 - Inner & Outer Cosmology
Navigating The World Of Spirit - Module 1 - Inner & Outer Cosmology

Time & Location

19 Jan 2023, 19:00 – 20 Jan 2023, 19:00

Pepperhill Barn, TA5 1HL

The Essence

The epoch we are living through is seeing more and more people awakening their psychic senses to the word of spirit. Yet there is very little guidance and support to safely and effectively open into this new level of consciousness. Without a workable cosmology psychic connections can be dangerous and at best confusing. This course teaches the metaphysical fundamentals for psychic development and spiritual development, offering a pathway of direct experience through the light of nature. Teachings have evolved from Anthroposophy, British & Amazonian Shamanism, Wisdom Traditions and direct experience through plant spirit healing and communcation.

This course is for those already on their spiritual path who need a framework for their organic evolvement, for healers who are looking to deepen their practice and abilities, for truth seekers looking to understand the nature of reality through consciousness studies.

This course is application only.

Module 1 - Inner & Outer Cosmology

You will learn the following:

  • The evolvement of humanity from pre-history to today
  • Perspectives on the past 3 years
  • Energy body anatomy
  • States of consciousness - techniques for accessing deeper levels and worlds.
  • Universal and natural lore
  • Effective shamanic journeying
  • Building a workable cosmology within which psychic development can flourish safely and effectively
  • Navigating the astral realm with our sacred plants.
  • Psychic hygiene - toxicities and types, entities and type, releasing earth bound spirits
  • Techniques for releasing various forms of toxicities.
  • Shadow integration

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