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Interviewed by Emma Fitchett, founder of the School of Natural Esoterics

There is a co-evolutionary principle between hummingbirds, plants and humans which reveals a profound healing modality for both humans and the planet. Dr Rocio Alarcon is an Ecuadorian curandera with decades of studying and working with these enchanting birds and the plants of the Amazon. In this fascinating discussion Rocio will be sharing the wisdom and healing capabilities of the birds and their respective plants, outlining the physical, emotional and spiritual healing qualities and offering indigenous insight into the biosphere of the Amazon.

They will cover the subjects of:

  • Why hummingbirds are only in the Americas from both the physical and spiritual perspective.

  • The healing process with the hummingbirds.

  • Which families of plants are most visited by the hummingbirds.

  • The relationship between plants and hummingbirds.

  • The hummingbird contribution to planetary evolution.

  • How we can connect with hummingbird medicine when not living in the Americas.

Dr Rocio Alarcon

Dr Rocio Alarcon is a highly regarded ethno-pharmacologist who combines her scientific education and ancestral curandero heritage to bridge the knowledge gap between these two essential worlds.

She is the founder of the IAMOE Centre in the Ecuadorian Amazon, which aims to protect and preserve the ancient knowledge, traditions, and natural habitat of the Amazon by creating experiential learning opportunities for people to connect with themselves, humanity, nature, and spirit through talks, workshops, and projects in collaboration with local indigenous people.

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