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5 Module Online Course
Facilitators:  plant spirit healer & psychic surgeon, Emma Fitchett (Farrell) MSc
& guest, CranioS
acral therapist & plant spirit healer, Paul-Martin Strode


The mind is habitual but it is also changeable, evolving and able to expand its conscious awareness into a wider spectrum of reality to the one we are used to. We mainly live within an outward facing perspective yet within us all is the opposite, the inward facing consciousness also known as the Inner Kingdom. We can learn new ways of functioning within by training the inner essence of the creative mind, the imagination. The creative force of our reality and the potentising ingredient of any prayer or intention, the human imagination is a healer, a conjuror and a conduit to deeper light worlds. Through the imaginal realm we create, shape and form physical reality from astral proto matter, we give Form to Divine Forces; it is a powerful aspect of human consciousness if we learn how to effectively wield it. The plant kingdom also plays a part in helping us navigate this state of awareness, reflecting our consciousness back to us, showing us how to evolve in divine alignment. Plant spirits infuse and help create our astral forms, improving the efficacy of our inner and psychic work. Through the use of thought-forms, telesmic images, traveling, visualisation and active work in the astral plane we can train the imaginary faculty towards higher levels of efficiency in healing, psychic and magical work.


Participants will learn:

The nature of consciousness from the Shamanic and Western Magic / Esoteric Traditions.

How to work with astral structures and forms to enhance work on the Inner planes.

The landscape & power of the imaginal realm.
How to create from the astral plane of consciousness.

How to work with divine forces to spiritualise matter.
Techniques to enhance healing, psychic and magical work.
How to awaken higher aspects of the self and train inner vision.

Methods to improve plant spirit communication and co-creation.
Wellbeing for increased activity on the astral plane.


This course is for healers, therapists, those who work in the psychic realms and for spiritual
seekers looking to understand the nature of reality through consciousness studies.

On-demand Details Coming Soon

School Terms & Conditions

what you receive

5 live instructional & interactive video lessons

in easy to digest format, each lesson consisting of teachings, practical exercises and personal coaching.

Lifetime access. You will be sent downloadable copies of each lesson to replay as many times as you want and in your own time.

Question and answer session within each lesson to ensure you understand all teachings and are clear on how to move forwards with the practical exercises.

An additional live post-course check-in with both facilitators to facilitate integration  and personalisation of the methods taught.


Emma Fitchett (Farrell) MSc

Emma is a plant spirit healer, shamanic teacher and author. She has held plant diet retreats and ceremonies in England and Wales since 2016. She holds a Master's Degree in 'The Preservation & Development Of Wisdom Culture & The Art Of Liberation' in the Tibetan Buddhist Mahayana Tradition, writing her thesis on 'Understanding The Nature Of The Self Through Lucid Dreaming'. She has been initiated into indigenous healing and magical lineages of the British Isles and the Ecuadorian Amazon, is the holder of the White Serpent lineage and is also a Geomancer, Psychic Surgeon and entity removal specialist. Emma is the founder of the School of Natural Esoterics,  the Plant Consciousness Apothecary and runs a Remote Healing Practice.

Paul promo.jpg

Paul-Martin Strode

Paul-Martin is a flower essence producer, plant spirit healer and CranioSacral therapist (CST) specialising in treating children and horses.


He started his CST training with Dr.Upldger in 1997 and created Wildflower in 1999 with the aim of bringing plant spirit healing to a wider audience. He has developed a deeply intuitive connection with Nature and through his extensive exploration and research into natural healing methods has created Wildflower, a range of English wild flower essences to aid and nurture our physical and emotional balance supporting spiritual well being and growth.


He now teaches Wildflower's  'Spiral Bridge'  method , which creates an amplified space for communicating with Nature intelligence and helps us to entrain with Nature more deeply.

With over 18 years of clinical experience Paul-Martin brings warmth and enthusiasm to his work and enjoys helping others find their path to wellness and connect to Nature.

Practical Information

The course will be hosted on the Thinkific  platform. All participants will be required to open a free Thinkific account to access and purchase the course.

Opening a Thinkific account gives participants access to other School of Natural Esoterics on-demand courses and classes for purchase.

Once the course is purchased, you own it!

For any enquiries about this or any other courses please use the Contact Form and we will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

By booking your place on this course you agree to the School of Natural Esoterics terms & conditions and code of ethics.

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