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Webinar hosted by plant spirit healer, Emma Fitchett

If you missed the live event it is currently being edited and will

be available to view here soon.

As intuitive interspecies communication gains more attention and becomes less radical, including in academia, a more holistic and inclusive view of Nature communication is needed. While most experienced spirit workers know that dialogue is possible with more than animals, plants, ancestors and elementals, it's time that we include the possibility, practice and power of communication with ALL of Nature. 


There is great potential for healing and spiritual co-evolution when we also include the voices of those who are too small to be physically seen by us without instruments or technology, e.g. bacteria, electrons, and regional landscapes, or invisible because they exist beyond what our physical eyes can perceive within the electromagnetic spectrum, e.g. nature spirits, earth bound spirits and interdimensionals. If we are to co-create our future in harmony with the rest of Nature, we need an expanded lexicon and worldview of what is possible in the broader field of communication with Nature.

In this talk, founder of Ecofluency, Saskia von Diest will share some principles and personal stories of her communication with the visible and invisible, resulting in physical changes that seem miraculous. She will also touch on the need for energetic safety and psychic hygiene in all aspects of Nature communication, for increased clarity and efficiency.

Subjects covered will include:

  • Training the inner senses.

  • Exploring alternative realities in the more-than-human world.

  • Communicating with the microbiome of the body.

  • The biology of belief.

  • Discovering a wilder more expansive biodiversity than we are culturally taught.

  • Understanding the polyphonic multi-verse.

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Saskia von Diest

Saskia is the founder of Ecofluency, and is a consultant, educator and facilitator in the wider field of Nature communication. She works with individuals, groups and organisations, and loves promoting other voices in this field. She has a PhD in plant pathology, and an academic background in researching interspecies communication used in agriculture from 2014 to 2020.

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

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Emma Fitchett

Emma is a plant spirit healer, shamanic teacher & author. She has been initiated into and trained in indigenous healing and magical lineages of the British Isles and the Ecuadorian Amazon and has been running plant initiations for 8 yrs. Emma runs a remote healing practice, the Plant Consciousness Apothecary & the School of Natural Esoterics.

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