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In this interactive webinar Matt & Emma talk about the effects of sacred plants, fungi and medicines. The bio-chemical nature of these plants is widely understood, but what is often missed is how they effect the body's Qi or the bio-energy system. By looking at the energetics of these plants we can further understand how they work in the body and the mind, strengthen our connection to them and better interpret our experiences with them. 

Matt outlines the Taoist Cosmology theory, discusses the esoteric side of Yin and Yang, plus demonstrates how the 5-element theory of Chinese Medicine can be used to explain many of the effects and also potential side-effects of these plants.

They cover the subjects of:

  • The bio-energetic effects of sacred fungi, San Pedro and Cannabis.

  • How we can maximise the benefit of their medicine.

  • How the elemental forces of these plants blend with the human energy system to support spiritual evolvement.

  • Pitfalls to avoid.

  • How the energetic framework of these plants can help us understand their spirit.

  • Applying these understandings to our common native plants and trees.


Matthew Fellows

Matt is the founder of Glastonbury Acupuncture. His interest lies in the deeper spiritual aspects of the art as well as the Eastern traditions of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. A degree in Anthropology led him to an appreciation of the shamanic world of plants.

He is the host of The Only Way is Glastonbury podcast.

Spotify - The Only Way is Glastonbury 

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Emma Fitchett MSc

Emma is a plant spirit healer, shamanic teacher & author. She has been initiated into and trained in indigenous healing and magical lineages of the British Isles and the Ecuadorian Amazon, is a Yew Mysteries initiate. Emma has been undertaking plant dietas for 10 years. She is the author of Journeys with Plant Spirits. 

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