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Live online class with plant spirit healer, Emma Fitchett (Farrell)
10 October - 7-8.30pm BST

How can we understand plant spirits in a more direct and cohesive way to improve our connection and therefore our co-creative partnership with them?

In this enlightening class, Emma will be sharing her knowledge of twelve years direct experience of interacting, healing and working with the conscious intelligence of plants. She will be outlining how to perceive them clearly, how to understand the energetic framework within which each one of them works and how they themselves function in order to bring healing impulses into the human psyche and energy body.

We can understand the eternal spirit of the plant, the overarching devic consciousness of the genus, by considering the plane of consciousness on which it lives, how it transforms energy and how it then expresses itself into our realm. As aspects of divinity, the ultimate form of the plant spirits is remarkable in its emotional and spiritual healing capabilities and is why they blend so well into many healing modalities and spiritual practices.


Emma will be covering:

  • The plant spirit planes of existence.

  • How we can perceive the plant spirits on the inner planes.

  • How plant spirits operate through the human energy field.

  • Plant spirit awareness from the perspectives of Rudolph Steiner, indigenous knowledge and esoterica.

  • How to understand the energetic frameworks within which the plant spirits work and apply it to your own practice or healing modality.

  • How the plant spirits help us discover our own unique medicine and purpose.

The class will be hosted through the Zoom platform. Once purchased you will be automatically sent the link to gain access to the class. If you can't join the live class all registrants will be sent a copy of the class video to watch in their own time and will have lifetime access to it.

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Emma Farrell

Emma is a plant spirit healer, shamanic teacher & author. She has been initiated into and trained in indigenous healing and magical lineages of the British Isles and the Ecuadorian Amazon, is a Yew Mysteries initiate. Emma has been undertaking plant dietas for 10 years. 

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