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Online class with Yew Mysteries initiate, Emma Fitchett

110 minutes / £45 / Lifetime access

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In this latest online class Emma will bring to life the folklore, magic and metaphysical attributes of the sacred Yew. Steeped in history and ancient veneration, the tree of eternity holds the Gateway to the Otherworld and the portal to immortality. With a consciousness spanning vast eons of time, the venerable yew holds immense wisdom within it’s twilight realm and powerful healing qualities within its ethereal interiority. Its associations with karmic Saturn, with the element of water and with the timeless quality of all that is, hold the keys to the transformational abilities of the ancient spirit of the Yew.


Emma will give guidance on initiation with this poisonous tree and demonstrate a meditation technique for connecting with the potentiality of its spirit. Offering practical guidance for communicating with a being that has a consciousness very different to our own, this webinar will leave you with a clear picture of how to connect to and work with the Yew for healing and spiritual development.


You will learn:

 - A technique for meditating and communicating with the Yew.

 - Guidance on how to do a plant diet with the spirit of the Yew.

 - Guidance on how to make an essence of Yew.

 - How the Yew tree heals and catalyses inner change.

 - Historical and indigenous ritual and customs.

 - World tree cosmology

This class is in video format and all on-demand classes are hosted on

The Thinkific platform requires participants to create an account and from there you will be able to access all your purchases of School of Natural Esoterics courses and classes.

Once purchased you will have lifetime access to the class.

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Emma Farrell

Emma is a plant spirit healer, shamanic teacher & author. She has been initiated into and trained in indigenous healing and magical lineages of the British Isles and the Ecuadorian Amazon, is a Yew Mysteries initiate. Emma has been undertaking plant dietas for 10 years. 

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