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Fri, 07 Jun


The Quantocks, Somerset

Soul Retrieval with Foxglove

Learn the shamanic art of soul retrieval with the spirit of Foxglove as your ally

Soul Retrieval with Foxglove
Soul Retrieval with Foxglove

Time & Location

07 Jun 2024, 18:00 – 09 Jun 2024, 16:00

The Quantocks, Somerset

The Essence

Soul retrieval is an essential shamanic healing technique which restores integrity back to the emotional or astral body, helping to establish wholeness after the fragmentation of trauma. When we experience challenges or situations which threaten our existence, whether in this life or other lives, an aspect of the psyche withdraws to protect itself and the nervous system from feeling the pain of the experience. This can create a fragmentation of the soul forces which form and inform the emotional body, personality and lower mind.

When the psyche withdraws an aspect of the emotional body creates a safer, more hospitable environment in the astral realm, the plane of the imaginal and the home of thought forms. Formed from the dualistic mind, this realm is both a reflection of the external world and an amalgamation of personal and collective mind-space, making it both hazardous and deceptive.

In this weekend training you will learn the fundamental skills for working within astral consciousness and performing soul retrieval for others. You will acquire a master ally whose guidance will be invaluable for this work and who will support your evolution as you progress deeper into the astral space. The spirit of Foxglove not only opens portals but is a guide and advisor in the astral plane, it’s ability to locate lost soul fragments is exceptional. 

This weekend training will therefore be set within the container of a plant initiation with this magical plant spirit. We will not be consuming the plant itself due to it’s high level of toxicity but will be working with live plants and the essence.

You will learn:

The metaphysics and esoteric lore of the astral plane.

How to consciously work with a plant spirit ally to perform soul retrieval for others.

How to work with the drum to hold the portal for your astral journeying.

Types and forms of soul loss.

How to ensure full integration of returned soul fragments.

What you will need:

 - Frame drum

 - Pendulum



This is an advanced course for shamanic practitioners and healer trainees.

Pre-requisites: Plant spirit work, use of pendulum, dowsing or muscle testing, space holding.

Course fees

Early Bird: £315  - Fully booked

Standard fees: £345 including snacks and refreshments (not including accommodation & meals) Fully Booked

This course is now closed for booking.


Please refer to School terms & conditions before booking your place.

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